General Terms and Conditions

§ 1 processing: 1. Conclusion of the contract: The tenant sends us the fully completed and signed rental agreement by mail, fax or e-mail. Upon receipt of the refund confirmation, the contract is valid. The deposit of the rent will be due within 7 days. The final payment must be made no later than 6 weeks before the agreed rental date. The tenant receives from the landlord (Holiday House "Move Inn") a confirmation of payment for the deposit and all information about the rented property after final payment. If there are less than 6 weeks between the booking confirmation and the start of the rental period, the total price must be paid without prior payment. If the renter does not comply with the stipulated terms of payment, the renter is entitled to withdraw from the contract without further notice and to charge any cancellation / cancellation fees.

2. Basis:

The basis of the contract are exclusively the information and descriptions of the rental property (Holiday House "Move Inn"), which were specified on our website at the time of the contract, this concerns in particular the specified Ausstattungsmerkmale the rental property (Holiday House "Move Inn").

3. Object information:

The lessor obligates himself to provide the tenant with up-to-date information about the house and to inform him about all details - at the latest 14 days before the start of the rental. If the renter does not receive the information in time before departure, he must inform the landlord and request it.

4. Arrival / departure by the renter:

The contractual rental start of the property (Holiday House "Move Inn") takes place at the earliest from 16 clock of the first rental day. The object (holiday home "Move Inn") is on the day of departure until 14 clock to leave. The windows are to be closed and the front door must be locked from the outside and the keys must be deposited by the tenant back where they were found on arrival. A request of the tenant for an early collection or a later departure must be reported to the landlord in writing and accepted by him in writing. Failure to comply with the contractual arrival and departure times causes cleaners and service personnel, the inhabited object (Holiday Inn "Move Inn") no longer enter, check and clean. Thus, any claim for recuperation expires and the renter bears all possible resulting additional costs.

§ 2 withdrawal / rebooking:

According to German law, there is no right to a private rental option before the contractually agreed rental date.

1. If the tenant wants to withdraw for an important reason from the contract, which the landlord is not responsible for, the tenant is nevertheless obliged to pay the full, agreed in the lease total rental price. Unless the house can otherwise be rented at short notice. In this case, the renter is obliged to pay for the advertising costs incurred and the possible difference to a lower rental price, e.g. "Last minute price" to pay the landlord. We therefore strongly recommend the immediate conclusion of a travel cost cancellation insurance upon conclusion of the lease.

2. A rebooking request after conclusion of the contract must not be accepted by the landlord. Accepted transfers cost 50 euros per change.

§ 3 Resignation by the landlord:

If the execution of the contract as a result of unforeseeable force majeure or unforeseeable events (severe weather, fire, flood etc.) is considerably impeded, endangered or impaired, the landlord can withdraw from the contract. In this case, he is liable to the tenant for the immediate repayment of the possibly already paid rental price. Another claim for compensation for the tenant does not exist. Should the rented property (holiday home "Move Inn") not be available for other reasons, the landlord agrees to offer the tenant an at least equivalent replacement object. Another claim for compensation for the tenant does not exist.

§ 4 Liability by the landlord:

1. The lease is purely private. It expressly applies the private tenancy between tenant and the manager as agreed. The landlord is not a commercial tour operator, so that in no case the travel right § 651A applies.

2. The services to be provided by the landlord do not include insurance d. H. the landlord assumes no liability for theft, fire and water damage to the property of the renter and damage to the vehicle of the renter. We also recommend the tenant own private liability insurance.

3. The contracting parties agree that the rental property is used as a holiday home by various persons and therefore may be subject to increased wear and tear. Deficiencies that affect the contractual use of the house only insignificant z. B. missing pieces of equipment, minor uncleanliness, short-term loss of tech. Equipment, Florida-specific occurrence of insects such as ants, spiders, beetles do not entitle the renter to reduce rent or damages.

4. The landlord is not liable for circumstances that are not directly related to the rented property (holiday home "Move Inn") and the contractual services and what the landlord has no influence, eg. B. Beach and local conditions of the resort, as well as the events around the object, such. For example, any occurring sound emissions from construction or road works or other nuisances by third parties, which are beyond our responsibility. In addition, he is not liable for force majeure, official orders or requirements and verbal or telephone information provided by third parties. The landlord will not pay for the damages caused by a tropical storm, hurricane. In an emergency evacuation, the guest is not entitled to any compensation or refund.


5. Rental property is a private holiday home, all technical devices that are provided free of charge such as Internet access, telephone / fax, cable TV, stereo, DVD players are purely holiday supplement items and not for professional office work there. We are not liable for the temporary or total failure of these devices (such as Internet access) and any associated recourse claims of the lessee for non-usability of these devices for professional purposes.

6. The air conditioner installed in our house is designed primarily for dehumidification and not for cooling the house. We are not liable for the temporary or total failure of an air conditioner and any possible recourse claims of the renter.

7. Please note that Florida is a tropical wetland with animals such as alligators and snakes living in inhabited areas. Alligators are under conservation, live in the water and you have already seen some of them in the canals. Please behave accordingly carefully and vigilantly. We are not responsible or liable for any damage that you may suffer from wildlife in Florida.

§ 5 Obligations of the renter:

1. Cleaning Complaints must be reported on the day of the contractually agreed rental beginning no later than 19:00 local time, so they can be improved by the cleaning service. For this, the tenant must call the local administration in Port Orange, as only then, if necessary, can be done immediately after cleaning. Costs resulting from an unjustified cleaning complaint, eg. B. due to a report of: slight uncleanliness, occurrence of cobwebs or ants or beetles or pollen or dust on the terrace (as this may occur in certain weather conditions at short notice) are the responsibility of the tenant. The claim for reclamation regarding the cleaning expires completely in the event of an unauthorized premature move-in of the renter before 3 pm, in which case the house is deemed to have been handed over in a state free of swats. If you can not manage to arrive at your holiday home by 11 pm, please inform us beforehand by email.

2. Urgent cases when renting: If urgently needed equipment is missing when renting, the tenant must call the administration / service on site at least 20 clock on the day of arrival and request, then may still be solved on this day the problem directly, otherwise next working day

3. Notification of defects: Severe defects on or in the object must be reported in writing to the lessor by the tenant without delay, but no later than the following day by 12:00 noon local time after the agreed start of the rental period. Before the tenant can derive rights from the complaint, he must give the landlord 48 hours (after written notification of the defect) for rectification. Minor complaints or minor uncleanliness in the apartment oblige the landlord not to rectify. The tenant is not entitled to a reduction in rent for several small complaints in the house. The tenant does not have claims for damages beyond the repayment of the rent, they are excluded for private renting. To explain, there is no "lost holiday pleasures" in a private rental (as with travel right §651A in flat-rate commercial tour operators).

4. Damage that occurs during the rental period of the tenant or caused by him, the tenant will be charged over bail deduction. If damages that occur during the stay are not reported increases the cost replacement of the tenant by additional travel costs of the service during replacement / repair after move.

5. Risk The renter bears his own risk and responsibility in the handling of all items and equipment offered by the landlord.

6. Unannounced persons / pets: Only persons / pets mentioned on the rental contract by the renter may stay in the property. If, during or after the rental period, it is determined that unidentified persons or pets are or have been found in the property (Holiday Inn "Move Inn"), the landlord has the right to terminate the apartment without compensation or the Regardless of whether the person or pet has been in the home for a short or full rental period, or if the pet belongs to the tenant.

7. Registered and approved pets are not allowed to lie / sit in the pool and on the furniture of the rental property. Should the pet of the renter contaminate the apartment, lawn, terrace, berths or sidewalks of the rental property, they must be cleaned immediately by the renter or the expenses will be charged to him.

8. House and / or pool rules: The renter is obliged to follow the instructions and handling rules in the object information and to treat the house and its furnishings with care. The tenant is responsible for the periodic cleaning of the property during the rental period. Furnishings are to be kept in a functional, food-clean state. Violations against the o. G. Rules also the non-observance of the night's sleep (we expressly point out that you live in a pure residential area in the neighborhood with normal working Americans) or other disturbances of the tenant, which lead to complaints by neighbors etc., can lead to an immediate cancellation of the lease In this case, the lessor reserves the right to charge the tenant a lump-sum payment for the handling of complaints in the amount of at least 50 Euro or to charge it to the lessee without compensation for the renter.

9. Disposal of garbage: The tenant is responsible for the timely release of garbage cans on garbage collection day (see respective house info). This is especially true if the Müllabholtag equal to the departure day. If not fulfilled, 35 dollars will be charged to the renter for the separate disposal of the waste.

10. We point out that damage resulting from non-activation of the alarm system is theft, incursion of the tenants. The hirer is also liable for costs incurred as a result of misuse of the activation obligation of the alarm system as well as false alarms.

§ 6 deposit refund

1. The deposit will be refunded to the tenant at the latest at the end of the following month after the rental has been completed, provided that the tenant does not grossly violate his obligations and that the property (holiday home "Move Inn") is in a proper condition. Damages or increased electricity costs will be charged to the deposit or charged separately

2. Condition when moving the object: The tenant has to leave the object in a clean state, he must clean used dishes, cutlery and pots neatly and back into the cabinets back. Used electrical appliances or the grill must be left clean and the garbage must be disposed of by the renter. Extra- ordinary soiling requiring special cleaning, such as: B. Soiling of mattresses, walls, carpets, dishes, cutlery and pots, electrical appliances as well as coffee and cooker or fridge or grill will be charged to the renter and / or charged with his deposit.

3. The renter must ensure the correctness of his bank details transmitted to us. Since 1 November 2009, banks in Germany are no longer checking the accuracy of bank details. The tenant is liable for all costs incurred by a wrongly made bank account. In this case, it is the tenant's sole responsibility to take care of the remittance of the wrongly made bank transfer to his own account through his specified bank details.

§ 7 Exclusion of claims: Entitled claims from reported serious defects that could not be remedied within the repair period shall be asserted by the lessee within one month after the last day of stay according to the rental agreement. After expiry of the period, claims can only be asserted if the lessee was demonstrably prevented from observing the deadline without own fault.

§ 8 Severability clause:

Should one or more provisions of this agreement be or become invalid, this shall not affect the remaining provisions. In the case of ineffective regulations the respective German legal regulations apply. Several persons on the tenant side are liable for all obligations arising from this agreement as joint and several debtors. Court location is Hanseatic city Hamburg, Germany.